Adventure is out there!

I’m embarking on an adventure. From January-whenever, I’ll be living the dream in Madrid, Spain. I’ve always dreamed of studying abroad ever since I found out what it was and now that dream is slowly turning into a reality.

Mixes of emotions have been ranging through my mind the past few weeks after I finished turning in all my documents and visa information. It’s finally starting to hit me that I’ll be leaving and living a new life. Excited? Abso-fucking-lutely. Nervous? Hell yes but the good kind. Stressed? Yes because I have to get new travel supplies and am basically spending my entire life savings on this one experience. Am I regretting that? Nope. I much rather spend money on memories rather than things.

I’m also taking a big step in my life by doing this because I’m embarking on this adventure ALONE. I didn’t apply to this program with anyone I know and I think that’s the best start to studying abroad. This should not come as shock to me because I do a lot of things alone. Growing up as an only child has made me an independent individual and I think that’s so important for everybody. By being an independent in other countries, I will learn to find and fall in love with myself. I’ll be able to make my own adventures and meet so many different kinds of people and learn different things about what makes the world go round. Traveling has recently become a passion of mine ever since I visited Israel for two weeks last summer. It’s such an exhilarating thing to do and experience. This sounds super cheesy but you’re only young once and why not see the world while you’re young and free and full of spirit and energy? I’ve grown up in the Midwest my entire life and it fascinates me that there’s a whole world out there that I’ve never seen. I want to see it all. That is my new passion; living and experiencing different cultures all over the world. I fall in love easily. With anything ranging from people, places, things or cats. Mainly just cats.

I’ve also been extremely thankful for the love and support my parents have given by allowing me to live my dream. To let their child chase her dreams and see the beautiful planet we live on is the best gift my parents will ever give me. I cannot thank them enough. So, here’s to all the new adventures and experiences of a lifetime! L’chaim!


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