To Grandma, with love

If there is one person so wise and strong, it was my Grandmother

For those who have known her longer, she was unlike no other

She filled our lives with humor and kindness

But her well-known smile will ever be so timeless

When I reach out for your hand, I know there won’t be

But in memory where you live, it just happens that I see

The pieces of your face fill my heart

It kills me everyday that we will be forever apart

Live on in the mountains, forever in the Arizona sunset

The land you ever so loved and won’t ever forget

Please visit us from time to time

Whether it’s the ring of a bell or through a melody chime

Are there guardian angels? I believe so

Let’s imagine that ours is the one that will show

That love, is truly the greatest of all things.

Grandma, I know you loved me since I was born,

But I’ve loved you my whole life.

RIP Benita “Bebe” Raemer

August 11, 1934 — May 15, 2017

Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend



call your grandparents, say hi & tell them you love them a million times.

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