Hi. Hola. Shalom. Bonjour. Ciao. 你好. مرحبا.

Nikki Rodriguez is a 24-year-old hag/Office enthusiast. As the aspiring future trophy wife of Timotheé Chalamet and/or Harry Styles, she specializes in creating 11/10 quality oatmeal content on her food Instagram (@nikkirodeats_), pulling a muscle at the gym so she can leave early, and belting out “Anything Goes” like a normal Broadway fanatic should. An April Ludgate at heart, she also enjoys writing critical thinking narratives about movies that feature strong female characters and trying out different lifestyle challenges through her ’12 Months, 12 Habits’ project. 

When she is not creating thousands of Spotify playlists for her weird little mind, Nikki frolicks around the PR world as well as creating masterful cappuccinos at the largest corporate coffeehouse chain in the world.


-sleeping on public transportation

-reading maps for fun

-breaking character during improv class

-accidentally spending $14 on a salad

-never following up on Hinge matches

-cat whisperer

-can rap the entire Hamilton soundtrack by heart

-going out of the way to pick up a bottle cap found on the ground for an unnecessary bottlecap collection that may or may not be accumulated for something useful