2017 Sport Business Practicum

During the summer of 2017, I was interviewed and selected as 1 of 23 University of Iowa students to take part in an intensive experiential learning practicum, working with the Cedar Rapids Kernels and the Chicago Blackhawks on sport business projects.

Starting in Iowa City, we dove right into a project from the Cedar Rapids Kernels and were tasked with creating a new theme night idea to add to their promotional calendar. Split into teams, we conducted market research and presented a deliverable to the executives of the Kernels.

Moving onto Chicago, I was put into two teams with two different departments — Fan Development and Social Media. With the Fan Development department, we helped create new recommendations for the Youth Hockey programs. We communicated with department liaisons in order to execute our deliverables to the best of our abilities. With the social media team, we developed new social media proposals in order to better enhance the Blackhawks brand while keeping up the current trends on social media*

*if you wish to receive further in depth details on the projects I did during this practicum, please email me through the “Contact” bar.