Why Israel?

Yes, I know....I've been terrible at keeping up with my writing here.... BUT I'M BACK. To recap what's been going on lately here's a few updates on my daily life here in Tel Aviv: Still holding the marketing internship at the wonderful tech startup I'm working at I can count to ten in Hebrew My … Continue reading Why Israel?


Well hello there folks, long time no talk eh? Over the past two weeks I have been asked quite a few of the same questions so sit back, relax and read as I answer all of them here: Where in the world are you? Tel Aviv, Israel :)))) What are you doing there? I'm doing a … Continue reading LIFE UPDATE IN UNDER 500 WORDS

Eating a pretzel the size of your face is normal

This weekend was short-lived but full of fun-filled German tradition (kinda). This was the third and final weekend of the famous carnival in Munich called Springfest. The bus2alps weekend actually started on Thursday, but since I had a test on Friday morning and couldn’t arrive till after, I missed a lot :/. Oh well at … Continue reading Eating a pretzel the size of your face is normal

Winning London

After my field study course, the very next morning I got on a plane to travel to London! I've always wanted to visit London and was very excited for this trip. My flight left early Friday morning and after going through customs, I got on the train from the airport to the city. I was … Continue reading Winning London