Published Works

A collection of my writing samples published online.

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Same Sex Marriage (2nd article on page)

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How Jewish Am I?

A Millennial’s Take on Interfaith Dating

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How Jewish Am I?

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Day Four: A Day in the Life of #Bus513 in the Holy Land (blog post from my Birthright trip)

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The Cast of “One Tree Hill” Had A Reunion in Paris

The 8 Weirdest Moments on “Zoey 101”

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My Phone Was Stolen At Lollapalooza And The World Did Not Fall Off It’s Axis

50 Thoughts I’ve Had On My Way To Class

Why Going To The Movies Alone Is Not Weird

Growing Up As An Only Child

Top 5 Movies In Which Love Does Not Prevail

An Open Letter To The New Transfer Student

An Open Letter To Those Who Feel Alone In This World