That one time I solo traveled

Alright I know what you're going to be thinking: NIKKI WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? YOU COULD'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED OR SOLD AS A SEX SLAVE! SHORT WHITE JEWISH GIRLS DON'T TRAVEL ALONE. OMG YOU'RE A NUTBALL! ASLKHFDCJ'A;SLDF;';ALS;FZN Well, first of all, I went to Valencia (about three and half hours southeast of Madrid, along the … Continue reading That one time I solo traveled

Amalfi Coastin’

We finally arrived at the train station in Florence en route for our 4 day trip to the Amalfi Coast. First we checked in with our tour group, Bus2alps. Bus2alps is a great European tour group geared towards study abroad students so we were with other students from all over Europe. Once we checked in, … Continue reading Amalfi Coastin’

Swiss cheesin’

What I did in Switzerland in 43 hours: Taking my test on Friday morning was pretty much the only thing standing in between me and Switzerland. Immediately after my test, I got some cafe con leche (TREAT YO SELF) in the area of where my school is located for finishing strong and then quickly made my … Continue reading Swiss cheesin’

A (half Mexican) American in Paris

Paris... Series of events that occurred from the moment we got off our lovely RyanAir flight to the moment we stepped into our hostel: -French people have no consideration for personal space while in line for customs (or in line for anything basically). -Our passports weren't stamped 😦 -Paid 17 euros and got on what was … Continue reading A (half Mexican) American in Paris