Why Israel?

Yes, I know....I've been terrible at keeping up with my writing here.... BUT I'M BACK. To recap what's been going on lately here's a few updates on my daily life here in Tel Aviv: Still holding the marketing internship at the wonderful tech startup I'm working at I can count to ten in Hebrew My … Continue reading Why Israel?

That one time I solo traveled

Alright I know what you're going to be thinking: NIKKI WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? YOU COULD'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED OR SOLD AS A SEX SLAVE! SHORT WHITE JEWISH GIRLS DON'T TRAVEL ALONE. OMG YOU'RE A NUTBALL! ASLKHFDCJ'A;SLDF;';ALS;FZN Well, first of all, I went to Valencia (about three and half hours southeast of Madrid, along the … Continue reading That one time I solo traveled