Adventure to Andalusia

QUICK SPANISH GEOGRAPHY LESSON! For those who do not know anything about Spain’s geography (like me before I came abroad), it is divided into 17 autonomous communities.  One of those communities is located in the southern part of Spain and is called Andalusia. Andalusia is the second most populated region of Spain and is divided into eight … Continue reading Adventure to Andalusia

That one time I solo traveled

Alright I know what you're going to be thinking: NIKKI WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? YOU COULD'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED OR SOLD AS A SEX SLAVE! SHORT WHITE JEWISH GIRLS DON'T TRAVEL ALONE. OMG YOU'RE A NUTBALL! ASLKHFDCJ'A;SLDF;';ALS;FZN Well, first of all, I went to Valencia (about three and half hours southeast of Madrid, along the … Continue reading That one time I solo traveled

7 Struggles of learning a new language

When living in a country where the native language is not your native tongue, you're pretty much forced to learn that language. Before I came to Spain, I knew I wanted to improve my Spanish (after all, my last name is Rodriguez) and that is one of the many reasons why I chose to study … Continue reading 7 Struggles of learning a new language


Here in Madrid, sometimes you forget about life back at home and learn to focus on life abroad. I got involved with this program through my study abroad program at the university I attend here in Spain. We have what is called an "intercambio" which is a Spanish student they pair up with the Americans … Continue reading Perspectives.

Adjusting to life in Spain

The past two weeks in five paragraphs: My jetlag and I officially arrived in Madrid on January 11th. So far, things have been pretty hectic and I've been busy 24/7 getting accumulated with the city, organizing my things, figuring out where everything is, and other study abroad student shenanigans. Being a foreigner for the first time … Continue reading Adjusting to life in Spain