Cope is dope

Copenhagen has been my favorite city to visit (so far) in my semester abroad. Denmark is known as the happiest country in the world and the Danish sure make that statement true. Every local we encountered was kind and helpful and I am truly grateful for that. To start off the weekend, Alyssa and I … Continue reading Cope is dope

Ahhh the luck of the Irish

Two weekends ago, I made my journey to The Emerald Isle. Now, the fact that Ireland is called that, it REALLY does live up to that famous nickname. This weekend was filled with beauty and treasure. To be completely honest, I came to Ireland with very low expectations. Dublin was never a destination at the top of … Continue reading Ahhh the luck of the Irish

7 Struggles of learning a new language

When living in a country where the native language is not your native tongue, you're pretty much forced to learn that language. Before I came to Spain, I knew I wanted to improve my Spanish (after all, my last name is Rodriguez) and that is one of the many reasons why I chose to study … Continue reading 7 Struggles of learning a new language

Adjusting to life in Spain

The past two weeks in five paragraphs: My jetlag and I officially arrived in Madrid on January 11th. So far, things have been pretty hectic and I've been busy 24/7 getting accumulated with the city, organizing my things, figuring out where everything is, and other study abroad student shenanigans. Being a foreigner for the first time … Continue reading Adjusting to life in Spain